TGS '11: Square Enix announces Chrono Trigger for iOS and Android, Dragon Quest Monsters and Ithadaki Street also revealed

Japan-only Square Enix Market on way, too

TGS '11: Square Enix announces Chrono Trigger for iOS and Android, Dragon Quest Monsters and Ithadaki Street also revealed
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Although it's been rumoured since last December, development on classic RPG Chrono Trigger for the iOS and Android devices has been confirmed by Square Enix.

First released for the SNES back in 1995, the popular turn-based RPG follows Chrono and his buddies after they accidentally alter the past and release an evil that destroys the future.

Unlike the publisher's popular Final Fantasy franchise, you don't have to put up with random battles. Plus, you'll unlock different endings based on what time you face off against the game's final boss.

A relatively recent Nintendo DS port of Chrono Trigger earned a coveted Pocket Gamer Gold Award at review.

New and old skool

The Japanese studio also announced several other updated games for both iOS and Android, including Itadaki Street and Dragon Quest Monsters.

Ithadaki Street, a series exclusive to Japan until the Wii release of Fortune Street (thanks, Wikipedia), is a Monopoly-esque boardgame that sees you snapping up property and taxing your opponents for landing on them.

To win, you simply have to visit the bank with enough stocks, property value, and gold to meet the game's requirements.

Dragon Quest Monsters, on the other hand, is a Pokemon-alike title that focusses on a guy named Terry and his attempts to save his sister.

You do this by collecting monsters and using them in battle, levelling them up, breeding newer and more powerful beasts, and teaching them skills.

Square Enix Market

Finally, Square Enix revealed its plans to launch a Japan-only Android store later this year, with support coming from local carriers NTT Docomo, KDDI, and Softbank.

This new marketplace will stock titles such as Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Crystal Defenders.

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