Steam Tip: Run a TV studio and fight green screen battles in Chroma Squad

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Steam Tip: Run a TV studio and fight green screen battles in Chroma Squad
| Chroma Squad

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Chroma Squad is a lovely little game, built on a truly brilliant idea.

You're in control of an indie TV studio, that puts together a weekly Power Rangers-style superhero show. Day to day, that means spending money wisely to upgrade your studio, train your staff, and invest in advertising.

But, and here's the terrifically clever bit, you record new episodes of the show by playing cute turn-based tactical battles. A tiny version of XCOM, but on a big green screen curtain and against dudes in rubber suits. It's wicked smart.

And that would be clever enough. A unique, fourth-wall-breaking set-up and a refreshing twist on the tactical genre. But there's more.


Battling is not just about defeating the enemy, but doing so in such a way that will make for a good episode. Otherwise, you'll lose audience members (and get their snarky fake tweets), and miss out on cash.

Here's an example: you might want to set up a flashy finishing move on a boss character, to deal a lot of damage. But your audience will be pissed if the big baddy is still standing afterwards. They were expecting a climactic ending, after all.

You'll also get bonuses for having your team members, in their crummy DIY super suits, team up. Each character can get into a 'teamwork mode' to give another hero a big acrobatic boost across the map, or help out in a fist fight.

Between battles, you'll get to make gear from duct tape and play dough and cardboard. And you'll upgrade your actors through skill trees and stat upgrades.


The whole thing is done up in gorgeous pixel art visuals, with a natty chiptune soundtrack. It's designed with mobile in mind, if that bothers you, but I reckon it still looks lovely on a big screen.

Chroma Squad is well worth checking out for fans of turn-based tactics, or just those who have always dreamed of making a super hero TV show. If that's you, ya big weirdo, the game's £10.99 on PC, Mac, and Linux.