Get your free Christmas Rock'n'Roll iPhone gift

Santa visits the App Store early

Get your free Christmas Rock'n'Roll iPhone gift

Tag Games has put its Santa hat on over at the App Store, and is offering a special seasonal version of its Bronze Award-winning game, Rock'n'Roll, for free as a special Christmas gift to iPhone gamers.

The Evil Sky Spirit has gone all Grinch on us, and nabbed a bunch of pressies from under the trees – along with the unfortunate and easily kidnapped Rock. Taking on the role of, well, Roll, it's up to you to traverse the spinning, snow-covered mazes of Flint Island and recover all the notes of the Evil Sky Spirit's favourite carols.

We right enjoyed the first Rock'n'Roll game, and never turn our noses up at a freebie, so it's pretty damn decent of Tag Games to be handing out Chrimbo goodies to its iPhone friends.

Here's a handy hint for any thrifty/Yorkshire-based parents who're putting an iPhone under the tree this year: Grab Christmas Rock'n'Roll and install it before wrapping up the handset. It's suitably seasonal, free, and shows off the iPhone very nicely.

Hit the 'Buy It!' button to get to the App Store grotto a bit quicker (I know it's a free game, but that's the only button we've got – it won't cost you 'owt (unlike Christmas (bah humbug))).