Square Enix announces social RPG Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade for US and Canada

Airship shape

Square Enix announces social RPG Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade for US and Canada

Outside of chocobos, crystals, and the ever-popular Cid, few things are as iconic to the Final Fantasy franchise as its airships.

To pay homage to these physics-defying aircraft, Square Enix's announced that it would bring its social RPG Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade to iOS and Android gamers in the US and Canada "soon".

In Airborne Brigade, players take control of an airship and can form cooperative, multiplayer parties to do battle with familiar bosses like Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, and others.

As Airborne Brigade was developed in tandem with DeNA, the multiplayer aspect is handled by its powerful Mobage platform. For those less interested in teamwork, the game will also feature a cross-platform PvP component.

Flying High

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade has been available in Japan since early January of this year, and Siliconera reports that it has attracted over 3 million registered members since its launch.

Similar to Theatrhythm, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade will use the super-cute "chibi" art style created by Monster Octopus in order to establish a unified feel for the various characters drawn from previous titles in the franchise.

We'll keep you updated with news of the release date as it becomes available, but in the meantime you can pre-register for the game here to receive an exclusive Cloud Strife summon stone that will be usable in boss battles.

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Matthew Diener
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