Chess With Friends makes use of iPhone network

Asynchronous checkerboard strategising

Chess With Friends makes use of iPhone network

The lack of push technology for the iPhone has been raised before, and although fledgling iPhone developer Newtoy has expressed its desire to include such a feature in its new asynchronous chess application, it's found a suitable workaround.

Chess With Friends is akin to playing postal chess, as folk did in days of yore. So you don't have to sit down for hours on end (or minutes, in my case) to play a full game of chess with your best dudes as the application updates itself when you run it and moves are sent back and forth through the iPhone's network.

We were promised a background data push system by September, but Apple hasn't made any apparent moves to make good on its pledge – and there's no indication when it might. But in the meantime, this seems like a pretty decent method and should allow checkerboard strategists to think long and careful about each vital move.

Chess With Friends is currently going through Apple's submissions process and should be with us any day now.