Chef Squad is a cooking simulation game that is out now for Android in the US

The latest title from HRGAME is now available for people in the US

Chef Squad is a cooking simulation game that is out now for Android in the US
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Chef Squad is a brand new simulation game that promises an entertaining experience for competitive cooking enthusiasts. The game is produced by HRGAME, who is well known for developing the Three Kingdoms series. The developers have also promised players that Chef Squad will provide them with the same pleasure as cooking in real life.

Game features

Chef Squad will require players to assemble their dream team of chefs, who will all need to collectively contribute to expanding the player’s food empire. Players will be allowed to hire any chef they admire, who will all be instrumental in the cooking contests to make the most mouth-watering dishes. Proper strategies will also have to be used wisely to outclass opponents.

The game will also allow players to explore the world and surround themselves with a vast collection of stunning cuisines that are available in different parts of the globe. Eventually, players can unlock different recipes and improve their kitchen to fulfil their quest to turn their small bistro into the best restaurant in the world.

Game Release

The global release date of Chef Squad is yet to be announced. Currently, the early access version is only available for people in the United States, who can download the game from Google play.

Final Words

Chef Squad has all the features required to provide players with an ample culinary experience, which solidifies the claims made by the developers. The strategic elements included in the gameplay should make it necessary for gamers to be intelligent while playing.

In Short, Chef Squad is a good fit for casual gamers who live to eat and not eat to live. It's also going to be a perfect fit for people like me who love business elements. We just hope that the game is launched for the global audience as soon as possible.

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