Chaser Tracer is an upcoming 80s synthwave-inspired arcade game that's heading for Android and iOS

Chaser Tracer is an upcoming 80s synthwave-inspired arcade game that's heading for Android and iOS
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Chaser Tracer is an upcoming arcade game for fans of synth-wave music. It has been developed by Adki Works, an indie studio based in New York. The game is set to release on April 14th for both iOS and Android.

The visuals perfectly sync with the 80s inspired soundtrack that has been produced with some popular synths, such as the Yamaha DX-7 and CS-80; Roland Jupiter-8, TR-808, and TR-909; and Sequential Prophet-5. The sound produced from these add a unique charm to the game.

Once you start your musical journey, the game will ask you to deactivate a mass extinction device called the Oblivion Orb. Along with the music, the game also allows you to have an exciting deciphering experience as well. While you make your way to the orb, you will encounter numerous alien symbols with different meanings that you will need to decode.

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As you try and decode these symbols, The Chaser, a special security device, will be there to interrupt you and delay your progress. This irksome device is designed by the Orb and works for it by attempting to push away any intruders.

As you would expect, the difficulty of the levels will increase gradually as the player gets nearer to the Orb. The Chaser becomes more powerful and makes it more of a challenge to complete your mission. But, utilise your power up slots and you might be able to make your way through it.

Lastly, players who enjoy chasing high scores will be able to do so as the game features leaderboards. Complete each level with a new high score and unlock an achievement to show off to other players.

Chaser Tracer will launch on the App Store and Google Play next week. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. 

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