Chaos Rings 3 - hints, tips, and tricks for Square Enix's new iOS and Android JRPG

How to hit hard, use your genes, and play smart

Chaos Rings 3 - hints, tips, and tricks for Square Enix's new iOS and Android JRPG
| Chaos Rings III
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Chaos Rings 3 is out right now in a language that you can understand. Well, most of it's still in Japanese, but there are subtitles, and Square at least had the good grace to change all the menu buttons so you know what you're tapping.

But here at Pocket Gamer we thought we'd help you out even more by giving you some hints and tips on how to get the most out of the game.

Here are some tricky tricks and tippy tips to make sure your Chaos Rings are the most chaotic rings out there.

The basics

For most of this article we're going to focus on the combat systems of the game. We'll come to exploration later on, but for now it's going to be about smashing monster's faces in with large, seemingly psychic weapons.

The combat takes the standard ATB form. It's turn-based, but the focus here is on time. Various buffs, boosts, and equipment stats can speed up or slow down your rate. Your healer usually strikes first, and using items is usually quicker than attacking.

You've got three main options when it comes to fights - attacks, genes, and items. We'll cover genes and items in their own sections, but learning what your basic attacks do is vitally important to success.

Different weapons will have different statuses, and some forms of weapons are far more effective against specific enemies than others. The egg people, for example, only take one point of damage from any hit, so using your sword or fist characters here is a bit of a waste of time.

The fighting system itself is based on a series of different elements. There are seven in total, and they have strengths and weaknesses against others. Learning which are strong against which is an important part of the game.

You'll heal automatically after each battle, but your MP points regenerate at a pretty slow pace. Buying items that top these up is essential, because you don't want to be facing the last boss of a dungeon without any of your spells available.


Genes are the big change in Chaos Rings 3. They're essentially equipped magical items that change not just the spells you can use, but the basic element of your character. This can leave you vulnerable to various attacks, so it's important to know which element your equipped gene bestows.

It's your gene that earns experience as you fight, unlocking new spells and talents as you go. You'll collect new genes in the form of gifts, and combining them.

It's important to create as many cards as you can, and keep them levelled up. There are times when you'll fight boss monsters and changing your cards to reflect their element will give you a big edge in the battle.

That said, keeping a character with a healing spell equipped at all times is a sensible idea, and making sure your character's health bars are always above the 50 percent mark, so that you're not scrabbling to catch up if you take a big hit, will help out a great deal.

Wise attacks and wiser items

You can combine spells of the same type if you use them at the same time. This unleashes an impressive attack that will do a lot more damage than if you used the two spells at different times.

You can chain together different combinations of attacks as well if all three of your characters, so long as they're not interrupted by enemy attacks. Perform these well and you'll end with an extra, more powerful attack as well.

Items can really change the path of a battle as well. You can collect items that change a character's element in the middle of a fight, letting you better equip yourself for a scrap while it's happening.

You'll also pick up elemental bombs that can turn the tide pretty sharpish as well, especially if you don't have the right genes to tackle an enemy effectively.

The rest

Watch how the tide of battle is turning. Breaks in the scheme of things, which will flash up on screen, give you chances to really push your advantage. Keep an eye on the dial in the top left of the screen for hints as to when it'll happen.

Make sure you open as many chests as you can. There's always something good in them, and while traipsing around isn't the most fun, the extra random battles you'll get in will boost your XP no end.

The same goes for the none essential quests you pick up from the Space Port. They might not push the story along, but completing them will give you useful rewards, and the extra XP will make the important missions that much easier.

Hitting the Modern Coliseum also helps you to grind up some XP and items, and if you've only got a few minutes to play, it lets you grab some time with the game without having to deal with cut scenes and exposition.

Got advice for your fellow players? Drop it in the comments section, down below.