iOS pixel-art puzzle-platformer Cavorite hits the App Store

One giant leap for platformers?

iOS pixel-art puzzle-platformer Cavorite hits the App Store
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Cavorite, a moon-based platforming game for iPhone and iPod touch, has jumped into the App Store, with a £1.19 price tag and a lot to like.

Resembling a cross between Metroid and Mario, Cavorite sets you up as Dr Cavor, a scientist held captive inside the moon by a race of aliens called the Selenites. Unfortunately for them, you're rather keen on escaping.

We wouldn't normally give a grey-haired lab-man great odds against catacombs full of evil space aliens, but ol' Dr Cavor has a few tricks up his sleeve - namely his new invention, Cavorite. It's an anti-gravity spray that you can use to make crates and other objects float.

Come fly with me

Okay, so 'floating crates' probably isn't the most exciting combination of words you'll ever see, but as soon as you start using them to manoeuvre around the rather smartly-designed levels the appeal becomes clear.

Word in the virtual office at Pocket Gamer Towers is that it's actually rather quite good, with winning retro presentation and some cleverly-designed gameplay.

Cavorite is out now on the App Store for £1.19/$1.99, with 63 levels, a chiptune soundtrack, and Game Center support.

Ryan McGowan
Ryan McGowan
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