Catopia: Rush, the cutesy dungeon crawler, will have a closed beta test in November for Android

You can sign up now if you're interested

Catopia: Rush, the cutesy dungeon crawler, will have a closed beta test in November for Android

We first covered Catopia Rush back in July as part of our inaugural LaunchPad event. Today, developer Supercolony has announced that the game will soon enter a closed beta test for Android devices and you can sign up if you're interested now.

To do so, simply head on over to the related Google Form to register your interest where you'll need to also mention why you're interested in giving the game a try. The beta itself is then set to commence on November 18th.

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If you're unfamiliar, Catopia Rush is a portrait-oriented mobile game with one-handed controls the developers say will make everything simple but engaging. There will be a floating joystick that will control your feline heroes whilst stopping will make them shoot and activate their abilities automatically.

Though it sounds very casual in nature, Supercolony promises there will be a lot of strategic depth beneath the surface based on your party choice. There will be a vast array of kitten superheroes to select from that will including magic casters, sharpshooting rogues and even cat-mech tanks.

A huge part of the game will be collecting these different cats then. In addition to that, players will also look to build up their kingdom so that it can produce better items, find new feline team members and create useful power-ups.

You can check out some gameplay from Catopia Rush in the embedded trailer above where you'll see everything is delightfully meta and silly. There are cats in the shape of toast, others that fire laser beams and another that's using a pig as a mount.

Catopia Rush will at some stage release on both the App Store and Google Play. There's no set release date for the final version at the moment but we'll be sure to keep you updated as and when we learn more.

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