Visually impressive endless-runner Catch the Ark coming to iOS in Q3 2012

It's raining men

Visually impressive endless-runner Catch the Ark coming to iOS in Q3 2012
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It's often hard to differentiate between the countless endless-runners on Apple's App Store, but a forthcoming entry in this category from PlaySide Studios (a team composed of former EA Visceral employees) definitely stands out from the crowd.

It's called Catch the Ark, and it follows three extremely colourful animals who are refused entry to Noah's Ark on account of being too unique. So, they're left to outrun floods and survive perilous rapids while furiously riding a rickety raft after Noah and his big boat.

This endless-runner is scheduled to race onto the App Store sometime during Q3 2012. It'll feature mini-boss battles; the ability to 'pimp' your raft; multiplayer modes; social elements; and some ruddy great graphics (check out the screenshots in our gallery).

Catch the Ark is expected to mark the start of a new franchise for PlaySide Studios. The company has even made sure that the head sizes of its main characters are suitable for real-world toys.
Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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