Catan preparing to settle on App Store

Klaus Teuber at the helm

Catan preparing to settle on App Store
| Catan Classic

As teasers go, the post on the Catan website, subsection Community & News was nothing if not brief.

"This summer the official version of the board game classic The Settlers of Catan will be released for Apple's iPhone. The game is being developed by Exozet Games in collaboration with Catan designer Klaus Teuber, and published by United Soft Media. More informations (sic) and screenshots will follow soon!"

Err... That's it really.

Catan has already come to mobile devices of course with an N-Gage version and a Java version - Catan: The First Island - both gaining favour with our reviewers.

So considering the expertise of the people involved, we can only expect the iPhone and iPod touch version will be equally splendid, especially if it includes multiplayer - whether online or hotseat - and social networking features such as friend challenges.

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