Classic boardgame Catan sails onto the Android Market

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Classic boardgame Catan sails onto the Android Market
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I promised myself I wouldn’t make another childish joke about ‘getting wood’ with this latest news post about Catan - Exozet’s version of the classic German board game - so if you were hoping for a few naughty giggles, you’re out of luck.

Instead, let me tell you about the fact that the Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning game is now available on the Android Market - a few days later than the previously announced release date.

Catan is a trade-heavy strategy game for up to four players on one handset. It sees each player trying to expand across a small island, building up towns, mining resources, and getting wool in trades (almost, almost).

The original boardgame, The Settlers of Catan, has won countless awards over the years for its fast, easy-to-play (yet deep) nature, so if you’re after something a little tactical without being completely overwhelmed with rules, it’s certainly worth checking out.

The Android version comes with three different board types as a bonus, so now you can see what the original German edition looks like when compared to the American/European versions, without having to import a copy from overseas to do so.

Also, not owning two copies of the game saves trees. Get in.

Catan is available now for an introductionary price of €2.99/£2.70 (download).

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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