Award-winning German boardgame Catan heading to Android in June

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Award-winning German boardgame Catan heading to Android in June
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It’s taken over a year, but finally Android gamers will be able to have a taste of the official adaptation of Klaus Teuber’s award-winning boardgame Settlers of Catan.

Catan from Exozet is a direct port of the hit iPhone and iPad title, which allows for one to four players around a device to take part in the (mainly) peaceful trading game.

The idea behind Catan is to build up a settlement on a newly populated island - building roads, towns, and villages by trading sheep, bricks, wheat, and (the invitingly euphemistic) wood.

It’s a mixture of luck and strategy, with a scoring system designed to ensure tight matches between at least two players, although those with more experience will likely triumph over newcomers.

The original boardgame is often described as one of the best ‘gateway’ titles for those wanting a bit more spice than the traditional giants like Monopoly or Risk, and comes highly recommended from this boardgaming fan.

Catan for Android is expected to arrive on the Android Market later this month, with the first expansion pack, The Seafarers, available as an in-app purchase.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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