Carol Vorderman's Lumines secret

There's more to the (older) thinking man's telly crumpet than two from the top

Carol Vorderman's Lumines secret

Stuck what to get Carol Vorderman for Christmas? Well, you could do worse than Lumines II.

The brainy daytime TV host has just outed herself as a fan of the PSP puzzling masterpiece Lumines, and says she's looking forward to the sequel. She also admitted to playing her son's PSP racing games.

Talking to the UK print newspaper MCV, Vorderman – who is currently promoting her own PSP game, Carol Vorderman's Sudoku – claimed the PSP was tailormade for her go-getting lifestyle.

"I travel a lot and I don't get a lot of time to sit down and play computer games," she said. "[The] PSP allows me to sit down for a few hours while I'm travelling or even waiting in the television studio and indulge my puzzle passion."

"The fact that it is so small and fits into my handbag nicely is also perfect," she added (as she tends to, when not multiplying or subtracting.)

Carol Vorderman's Sudoku is out on July 21st. Click 'Track It!' to be alerted to our upcoming review.