Car Parking Multiplayer: Tips for this open-world parking simulator

Car Parking Multiplayer: Tips for this open-world parking simulator

Oh, it's more than just parking though.

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Car Parking Multiplayer is a game that can fool you with its rather deceiving name. But, it's much more than just being about parking your car. It's an open-world experience where you can drive free and yes, still work on that parking if you wish.

You can even jump out of your car and walk around. There are different areas that can be explored in the game. Each one is like its own open-world. You can choose to play either single-player mode or online mode if you want a more chaotic scene (in a fun way).

So it's essentially a ton of driving, parking, and walking, but there are few other things you can do if you want to be creative. It may seem like there isn't much to do at first, but we give you a few things to put in your notes on how to get the most out of the game.

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Getting used to the realistic controls

Like in many games, it's always important to familiarize yourself with the controls. But in most car-related games, holding down a trigger or a virtual button on your phone screen will accelerate the car. In Car Parking Simulator, it's a different kind of ball game.

You have your accelerator and brakes on the bottom of the screen to start. Then, you have your shifter with drive, reverse, neutral, and park on it (D, R, N, P). If you want to put the vehicle in reverse, then you need to bring the shift down to "R" like in the real world.

Same thing with steering. You'll need to make a full spin with the wheel, and then let it go to straighten yourself out. This can seem tricky at first but try and practice in the open world that you have. You'll some great opportunities to make turns of all types and oh, practice that parking too.

Participate in races

As mentioned, Car Parking Multiplayer is more than a parking simulator. You can do some other things too, and that includes racing. So go on and head into online play and rev up those engines. When you choose a starting location, click on "Racing".

You will then enter a track that is perfect for these races. It's also a great way to test out your turning at higher speeds too. Just make sure that your car is ready to go, especially when playing online. That said, no matter how you perform, it's just a nice addition to the experience.

Aside from the race track, you can do some impromptu racing in some of the other locations if you wish. It's always nice to have a change in scenery, so why not burn some rubber in the other locations? Just make sure that there are some other players on the server that you can take on.

Upgrade your car

The customization in the game is solid and can improve your performance on the road. You can make adjustments such as changing the suspension of the car and the exterior design. The suspension will let you adjust certain things such how much you can turn among other things.

That goes back to what we said about the importance of steering. Adjusting the suspension settings to your liking may make turning a bit easier. And then if you want to spice up your ride a bit, you can customize the exterior with some decent designs.

Aside from customizing, you can purchase some new cars too. There are some that are extremely expensive, but most of the affordable ones look good also. You'll need to earn money to get the cars of course. You can do this by doing things in free roam and participating in races and challenges.

Funnily enough, you can also get yourself a police car (with real money for $10) and you will be able to flash those lights and to start the sirens. You can even fine other players online for speeding which is actually pretty hilarious. But, if you want to drive your way, then just be yourself and have fun.


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