Car Jack Steets iPhone goes free this weekend

Top-down GTA clone a total steal

Car Jack Steets iPhone goes free this weekend

Car Jack Streets will be available for free this weekend on the App Store, announced Tag Games late today.

Taking to Twitter for the announcement, the company trumpeted "Car Jack Streets (iPhone) will be free for this weekend only!"

That's a significant drop from the current £1.79/$2.99 price at which the game is currently listed.

While Tag Games didn't illuminate the reasons behind the temporary weekend giveaway, it's undoubtedly a measure to stir up interest for the game that was released to the App Store back in April.

Major updates have been issued since the original release that have introduced new control options, additional vehicles, and support for firmware 3.0, specifically iPod Library Access for playing your own music.

The fire sale could be penance for missing the launch of PSPgo, as Tag Games had previously claimed to be releasing a version of Car Jack Streets as a mini. Obviously, that didn't occur. No word on when to expect the PSP version.

Work on a sequel has already begun, so you better get to downloading the original game this weekend in anticipation of Car Jack Streets 2 next year.