Car Jack Streets gets a smooth 1.1 update

Mean streets made less mean

Car Jack Streets gets a smooth 1.1 update

Car Jack Streets has already stamped its mark on the App Store as the format's best version of GTA to date, and developer Tag Games is keen to keep its free-roaming mission-based drive and shoot-'em up riding high. It's detailed the improvements that will be included in the game's first update, which is expected to be out on the App Store next week.

These include:

A fully interactive Jack City map available from your GPS

A new steering wheel control method for casual players and increased button responsiveness

Increased lives so you'll have five chances to pay mob boss Frankie, making the game less harsh if you miss a payment

Randal can carry up to five weapons at a time and cycle through them at will

Players will have the option of returning to their condo safe house to save weapons and vehicle before exiting the game

Two new vehicles are added - the destructive Sports Utility Tank and the Sky Copter

You'll be able to play your own music in the game

Finally, all major reported bugs will be remedied

And that's not all. Work on update 1.2 is already underway while as part of the 1.1 update in-game competitions will be rolled out. And Tag is also working on a free survival mode mini-game release. Called Car Jack Streets: Survival, it's inspired by games such as Smash TV and Geometry Wars Tag.