Digital Chocolate announces Captain Galactic Super Space Hero

Fresh take on the super hero genre

Digital Chocolate announces Captain Galactic Super Space Hero

We’ve been bombarded with superhero films over the last few years, which has inevitably led to a raft of mobile game tie-ins. Trouble is, they all tend to tread a rather predictable path - walk left and right and punch people.

Digital Chocolate has come up with a slightly more original spin on things. The developer just got in contact with us to share a bunch of screenshots and info on its new game, Captain Galactic Super Space Hero. It can loosely be described as an action platformer, but it’s looking to incorporate such elements as physics and inertia.

As the Captain - who is something of a Superman pastiche - you have to run and fly around dozens of tiny micro-planets collecting coins and crystal shards, which serve to power you up. You use your momentum to pull away from the gravitational pull of each planetoid and onto the next, slingshotting across each level.

It looks something like a cross between the Japan-only GBA game Orbital and a 2D take on the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy, which is why it’s getting us rather excited.

Stay tuned for our review.