Call of Dragons has released a new trailer featuring unit types and terrains

Call of Dragons has released a new trailer featuring unit types and terrains

Farlight Games has been consistently dropping information about their upcoming PC and mobile MMOSLG, Call of Dragons, which is due to launch by the end of the month. We’ve already witnessed a few teasers going into gameplay mechanics like Artifact Skills and one exploring a Behemoth called the Giant Bear.

Now, as the countdown to Call of Dragons’ launch continues, the developers have released yet another video, this time showcasing the game’s diverse variety of unit types. The MMO offers a lot of options, such as melee, cavalry, and flying units, which add another strategic layer to the game. Conquering opposing forces in Tamaris was never going to be easy, and only the best-planned attacks will succeed.

The unit types exemplify the variety of possibilities that exist when formulating an attack plan. There are endless ways in which players can approach the same situation. It could be something as simple as using the personal melee units as a distraction, while the actual attack on the battlefield is done by the aerial soldiers.

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Another mechanic that players must employ is the combination of attacks. This will be the differentiating factor between newbies and veterans who know the lay of the land. Tamaris is a massive land, sprawling over 3.88 million square kilometres. It is filled with biomes that are completely different from each other and players must successfully adapt to the terrain they are on to win the battle.

Combine all this with the numerous artifacts and there will be an entire treasure trove of attack plans that can be executed. Players are also free to sign-up for the PC Technical Test if they wish to explore all these features.

If you're eager to join in on the fun, Call of Dragons launches on Android, iOS, and PC on March 28th. Pre-registrations are currently open on the links below and loads of rewards will also be granted when the game launches.

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