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Call of Dragons Season 1: Everything you need to know about Farlight Games’ thrilling fantasy MMO

Call of Dragons Season 1: Everything you need to know about Farlight Games’ thrilling fantasy MMO
| Call of Dragons

Developer LEGOU Games and Publisher Farlight Games are gearing up for the global launch of Call of Dragons, and soon, players will be able to wield the might of these fearsome creatures on their quest to rid Tamaris of the looming darkness. Until then, what can you expect from this vibrant MMO fantasy conquest game? We’ve given it a try and here’s all there is to know about this upcoming release.

Humble beginnings

Combining real-time strategy with base-building strategy mechanics, Call of Dragons thrusts players into the gorgeous high-fantasy world of Tamaris. There are three factions to choose from right off the bat - League of Order, Springwardens, and Wilderburg - and each one will have its own set of buffs that can affect your resource production, Legion strength and so on.

Given that Wilderburg hero Bakhar, in my opinion, is the most adorable of the bunch (the intro cinematic is gorgeous, by the way), I immediately gravitated towards his faction as a starting point for me. The game will hold your hand just enough to tide you over the basics - each structure you build impacts your combat power, troop performance, and resources, all presented in colourful 3D across a zoomable field.

Venturing out into the world

Eventually, after getting your feet wet during the first few battles, you'll be free to explore the world around you on your own. It definitely helps to study what each structure does and how you can maximise them to boost your firepower. Each building will need a certain amount of time when upgrading, training troops or researching new skills and technologies, but thankfully, you can use speed-up items to facilitate the process.

Meanwhile, the wide, wide world out there is just waiting to be explored - you can send off your scouts to discover the hidden depths of the mist to broaden your horizons. Who knows? You might just stumble upon an actual gold mine, mercenaries just waiting to be recruited into your cause, or even bountiful supplies lying around just ripe for the taking.

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Battling the forces of darkness

Combat, of course, is an exhilarating real-time affair, with every hero and unit type boasting its own strengths. Here's where it all gets more interesting - from Elves and Orcs to Treants and Celestials, the game never fails to switch things up during combat when it comes to the variety of creatures you can unleash, fight, or even tame.

As for the units themselves, you can make the most of the different types to use the terrain to your advantage. For instance, flying units can swoop down and soar through ravines to attack foes from the sky, while ranged units can rain down death and destruction from afar while your tank units and melee units bring on the pain on the frontlines.

The Heroes you pull from the gacha will lead the charge depending on the skills and talents you upgrade, as well as on the Artifact skills you equip them with. Fancy sneaking up on your foes with them being none the wiser? The Cloak of Stealth can let you do just that, while the Storm Arrows artifact lets your Legion blink across rivers or other would-be natural barriers to surprise your opponents by turning up where they least expect you to.

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Picking your battles

Whether you choose to go it alone in PvE mode, or team up with alliance members in GvE mode, Call of Dragons provides players with plenty of ways of ridding Tarmaris of its otherworldly invaders. You can also choose to take the fight to each other in epic PvP combat, or attempt to put your guild on top with inter-alliance GvG warfare. Whatever your choice, the one thing that’s guaranteed is that the battles will be on a huge scale in which you can deploy up to 5 legions, each consisting of thousands of units. You can also team up with alliance members in rallied armies of over 40 players to make for some truly epic mayhem.

One particularly convenient feature when it comes to battling is Automatic Healing; a free, automated system which sends units to your hospital whenever they’re seriously hurt. The hospital capacity is limitless so you never have to worry about losing your best soldiers.

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Heeding the call of dragons

PvP and PvE aside, part of the allure of the game was scrolling through the map trying to spot fantastical creatures I could challenge myself with. These giant ancient beings - aptly called Behemoths - can be brought over to your side provided you're strong enough to take them down. Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and even the titular Dragons themselves can be deployed in battle to tip the scales in your favour.

Of course, all these lofty ideals are better achieved with a band of brothers-in-arms, so joining an alliance is a must. Together, you can challenge other players and wage war across the continent for plenty of spoils - and if you're ever injured, you can heal your units for free without worrying about your resources back at camp.

So, if you feel you’re up to the task of stepping into the land of Tamaris and leading immense armies into high-octane battles that’ll push the limits of your strategic thinking, then you’ll definitely want to check out Call of Dragons on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store, or visit the official website for more info.