Indie Game Fund winner Butterfly Sky butt-bounces onto the App Store

A groovy whale that eats butterflies?!

Indie Game Fund winner Butterfly Sky butt-bounces onto the App Store
| Butterfly Sky

Butterfly Sky is described by its creators as an "endless jumper", but the more accurate term is "endless butterfly butt-bouncer".

But it must have some more respectable features, though, as it was the winner of Kiip's Indie Game Fund 2013.

Released on the App Store today, Butterfly Sky has you bouncing along the clouds in sine wave patterns, collecting butterflies in order to feed Brian the whale. Brian also doubles up as your home.

While the chirpy character bounces across the sky at his own discretion, your role is to touch the screen when you want him to dive towards the ground. With this simple input you can affect the height and angle of his trajectory, with some practice.

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Collecting as many butterflies as possible is the main goal, with them being used to feed your whale friend, as well as being used as currency to spend on upgrades.

Rocket boosts, knight armour and and an extra groovy whale-home are the kinds of options available in the shop.

Butterfly Sky is free to download on the App Store and contains a few IAPs for those who want instant butterfly multipliers.
Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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