It's about otome - Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls is coming to the west

Get fit, find love

It's about otome - Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls is coming to the west

Creative Freaks is ready to strike a blow for gender equality and is localising a version of its popular fitness / dating game Burn Your Fat With Me specifically for women.

Released last year in Japan as Nensho : For Girls!, the upcoming otome (female-focused) version of the Bronze Award-winning Burn Your Fat With Me takes the sit-up based gameplay of the original and inverts the genders of the characters

This means that you'll now be able to play as a slightly overweight high school girl who's cajoled into working out by some dreamy guys at the Ootori Academy. And just like the male version, they won't be shy about calling you fattie.

But the teasing's all in good fun, and romance eventually blossoms between the heroine and her classmates.

Drop and give me twenty

Unlike many other fitness apps, Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls uses its plot to keep players interested in their fitness routines, and the story only progresses if you're able to clear a series of increasingly difficult workout challenges.

In other words, you better warm up to the idea of doing some serious sets of sit-ups if you hope to see your character wind up with the man of her dreams.

As with the original BYFWM, Burn Your Fat With Me for Girls features full voice-acting and will see new training programs and story episodes released as in-app purchases.

We don't have a release date for this one just yet, but we'll keep you updated when we know more.

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