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BU Dungeon Duo, a puzzle platformer about a ghost and wizard pair, is available now for Android

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BU Dungeon Duo, a puzzle platformer about a ghost and wizard pair, is available now for Android
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Bu Dungeon Duo was announced by developer Noisy Bug a couple of months ago and I thought it looked very interesting. Now, they have released their puzzle platformer which is available for Android.

The game itself starts when two wizards are strolling along and one of them has their body separated and then subsequently pulled away from their soul by a strange portal. This leaves them in the land of living as a ghost named Bu. Together they must work their way through 25 levels to get Bu's body back.

Throughout the game, you'll only directly control the red wizard but both characters are equally important. Each stage will see you working your way towards these strange blue things with eyes that teleport you to the next level.

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The wizard himself has very few control options, he can jump and, move about, neither of which seems very magical. However, he can also teleport Bu to his location which can also be used as a double jump when timed correctly to help you reach higher platforms.

Bu, on the other hand, is capable of pushing heavy blocks that you'll need to move to reach platforms when a spectral double jump doesn't quite cut it. You'll do this by manipulating his position, taking advantage of the fact that he will do his utmost to stick to you like at all times.

For instance, unlike most corporeal beings, Bu can't go through walls and he's a little slower than you are. So, if you put a wall between yourself and him, he will still follow as best he can but he'll be forced to stay at a distance. This means you'll be able to get him to push the blocks by effectively controlling his movements with your own.

Bu Dungeon Duo is available now on Android. It's a premium title that costs £2.99.

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