Double Fine's Broken Age goes on sale on iOS

And with two stories, it's two for the price of one… sort of

Double Fine's Broken Age goes on sale on iOS
| Broken Age
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Double Fine's Broken Age is on sale now on iOS, for the low, low price of £4.99 / $6.99.

Originally priced at £7.99 / $9.99, Broken Age's gameplay amounts to puzzle-solving and exploring, for the most part.

The narrative tells the stories of two teenagers, each coming of age in their own ways.

And you can tell your ears to look forward to such stars as Jack Black, Elijah Wood, and Wil Wheaton.

In his review, Mark said Broken Age was "Charming, gorgeous, and well written", though did note that Part 2's puzzles can be obtuse.

It should be noted that both parts of the adventure-puzzler are included in the App Store's reduced price, though there's no such sale for Google Play users, where it remains £7.86 / $9.99.

Oscar Dayus
Oscar Dayus
Oscar grew up playing games in the 90s, and as such can't help but jump on any sort of moving platform. He hasn't yet perfected the art of double-jumping in real life, though, so has now turned to writing instead.