How to solve the knot puzzle in Broken Age

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How to solve the knot puzzle in Broken Age
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There's a puzzle in the second act of Broken Age that has gamers pulling their hair out. A certain conundrum involving a knot that some are finding impossible to solve.

To be fair, it's not very well designed, with horrible signposting that will leave puzzle solvers spinning in circles. Luckily, we're here to help.

First things first, try to climb up Brother Lightbeard's ladder and ask F'ther to untie the knot. He'll fail and let you know you need a knot expert. Go talk to Car'l in Shellmound, give her Alex's pencil, and she'll draw you a knotty diagram.

Go back to the ladder and this time you'll be able to give F'ther instructions, based on the diagram. The solution is to say three phrases that match the three doodles on Car'l's diagram

The problem is that the diagrams are random so there's no easy answer. However, if you use the chart below, you'll know which phrase to say in relation to which image, regardless of what ends up on Car'l's diagram.

Baby "Make the baby play patty-cake".
Banana "Steal the banana".
Clown "Poke the clown in the eye".
Cup "Make the water come out of the cup".
Finger "Pull the finger".
Flower "She loves me, she loves me not..."
Piggy "Tug on the piggy's tail"
Ship "Make the boat go under the bridge".
Snakes "Pull apart the fighting snakes".
Sweater "Unravel the sweater".
Tickle "Tickle the foot".
Wings "Pull off the fly's wings".

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