Bring You Home review - A great panel-shifting puzzler that makes a few mistakes
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It's always good to see a genre taking shape. When different developers take similar ideas, play around with them, and put their own spin on fresh concepts.

That's what Bring You Home is doing. It's sort of like a cartoon version of Framed, albeit without the comic book panel placement. Instead there are pieces of a multicoloured world you need to move around in order to get the hero of the piece from A to B.

The fact that you're looking for your cute little doggo that's been stolen by evil aliens just adds to the endearing charm of the whole experience. It's not without its problems, but it's still well worth a try.

Nice doggo

Each level of the game is a single screen. Each of them has a number of moveable sections. Swipe on these and part of the scenery of the level will change.

You're aiming to create a clear path to get from one portal to another. To begin with things are pretty simple, but the deeper you get into the experience that more convoluted things start to get.

Sometimes you're swiping through different images, other times you're switching various panels around so that you travel through them in a different order.

Eventually you're dealing with various combinations of the mechanics that are introduced. There's a good deal of puzzling to do to figure out the right way to do things, but the narrow scope of the levels means a solution is usually quick to come by.

There are some niggles here though. Sometimes you'll need to brute force a solution, trying out every combination until something works.

When Bring You Home works, it's a wonderful, cheerful experience that's going to make you smile. When it doesn't work, you'll find a good deal of the fizz and pop dribbling out of the experience.

Good doggo

That's not to say that you shouldn't pick the game up. Because when it's being a big slice of fun, it really is a big ol' slice of fun.

It's just a shame that you sometimes have to slap your face against the game in order to get past some of the annoying sections.

Bring You Home review - A great panel-shifting puzzler that makes a few mistakes

There are some great moments here, but a few fussy ones that spoils things a little bit