Bravian Lands casts a spell on your mobile

New platform game from VisualMedia gets a bit old skool

Bravian Lands casts a spell on your mobile
| Bravian Lands

Does the mobile world really need another platform game featuring wizards, warriors and monsters? VisualMedia thinks so, and it's releasing Bravian Lands to prove it.

The game is based on a clumsy wizard, Starion, who casts a big protection spell over his kingdom, only to have it go a bit pear-shaped, and summon up a dreadful dark power. We hate it when that happens.

You play a plucky young warrior who sets out on a mission to sort everything out. It involves 16 platform levels spread across four locations: magic forests, ice caves, ancient crypts and lava mountains.

There's bonus items to collect en-route, plus a big boss in each location to duff up before moving onto the next one. Bravian Lands is out soon in Russia. We'll keep you posted about wider availability.