BraveNine Story releases a batch of Christmas themed content, including a brand new story to experience and some cosmetics

BraveNine Story releases a batch of Christmas themed content, including a brand new story to experience and some cosmetics
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NEOWIZ has announced that their recently released narrative-focused spinoff to their popular Brave Nine franchise titled Brave Nine Story is celebrating the Holiday season with free goodies and a brand new story to experience as well. Lasting until January 5th, this event will let Brave Nine fans celebrate Christmas with a thematic storyline, new costumes, and a ton of free handouts too.

First off, let’s go over the new story added to the game. Titled “Christmas Hiring”, this story offers up the tale of a mercenary who receives a quest from Santa Claus himself. This merc sets off on an awesome adventure that also provides a bunch of side stories to experience as well, each fleshing out this already interesting tale with deeper depth. If you manage to finish all of this content before January 3rd, you’ll be able to unlock the epic Santa Costume as a reward.

Then, we’ve got the three special New Year attendance events. If you manage to keep logging in during each day of this event, you’ll be able to receive in-game gifts like Roxanna’s Box, Red Slime, a Diamond, the Arena Sword, and Ink as well.

The in-game shop has also gotten refreshed with some Holiday cheer, featuring two new seasonal costumes for Beatrice and Lucrezia. Beatrice gets a Rudolph outfit while Lucrezia gets a simple Christmas outfit, adorning both in Holiday cheer.

Perhaps most importantly though less noticeable, we’ve got a ton of quality-of-life improvements with this update too. These include a lowering of monster difficulty that will allow smoother progression, a UI update that includes a Bookmark function allowing for easier navigation between stages in story mode, and a combat speed adjustment that will make battles run quicker and smoother.

Lots of cool stuff on offer here, and most of it is free too! If you’d like to get your hands on all this, you can download Brave Nine Story at either of the links below and get going on all this new Holiday content! In the meantime, check out the official website for more information on the event too.

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