Braid, Anniversary Edition pushes back its release date, reveals more details on new additions

An old classic makes a revamped comeback

Braid, Anniversary Edition pushes back its release date, reveals more details on new additions
  • Expect the puzzle platformer to arrive next month
  • New levels and redesigns are in the works
  • Exclusive level for Netflix subscribers

Thekla, Inc. has officially announced the updated release date for Braid, Anniversary Edition, inviting everyone to dive into the indie puzzle platformer next month. While the launch date was originally set for April 29th, this has been pushed back to May 14th, and will be available on PC, consoles, and the Nintendo Switch, with the mobile versions coming to both iOS and Android courtesy of Netflix. The Xbox version, meanwhile, will launch on May 15th.

In Braid, Anniversary Edition, you can look forward to experiencing 40 new levels along with some alternate redesigns, adding to the modernised appeal of the classic title for today's hardware. In particular, you can expect 14 Commentary Index Levels where you can experience the 15+ hours of commentary for the title, as well as an extra level that will only be available for Netflix subscribers on mobile.

This comes on top of the 13 fresh Full Puzzle Levels and the 12 Alternate Designs, with enhanced sound and special variants of the soundtrack crafted by Martin Stig Andersen and Hans Christian Kock.

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Some of the announcements for the new additions may still change between now and the official release date, so it's worth staying tuned to the official Twitter page to stay updated on all the latest developments along with the community. And while a delayed launch date might seem frustrating for fans at first, you can at least take comfort in knowing the devs are doing the best they can to make sure the final version is as awesome as it should be.

For now though, if you're on the hunt for more games you can play with your Netflix subscription, why not take a look at our list of the best Netflix games to get your fill?

At the moment, you can also head on over to the official website of Braid, Anniversary Edition to know more, or have a look at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the game.

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