Bound By Blades' latest developer diary unveils the third and final playable character in the upcoming action RPG

It won't be releasing anytime soon, however

Bound By Blades' latest developer diary unveils the third and final playable character in the upcoming action RPG

Bound By Blades is an action RPG that I've been keeping an eye on it since it was first announced last September. The developer initially ran a Kickstarter campaign but unfortunately, it didn't hit the target which led to a change in direction for the title. It's still in development for PC, iOS and Android and the developer has recently published another dev update.

The latest developer diary, which you can watch in video form below, introduces the third and final playable character. They are called Kota, a heavily armoured guardian who hails from the Oxbourne Tribe. Kota attacks with a boomerang and good timing on these throws will create combos for additional damage.

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They are also capable of blocking a large number of attacks from enemies. Doing so will store energy which can then be released through Kota's strong attack. This will launch any projectiles back at the boss, which sounds incredible powerful.

The developer Zeth also unveiled there are four full unique sets of equipment for each of the game's three characters. Each of them will also have several load-outs that you can easily switch between depending on what build you feel is required for that moment.

The game is still in the middle of development so we're unlikely to see it for a while. Currently, Zeth is working on building out the story having finished the backstory for Bound By Blades. Beyond that, they're also working on simple cinematics, new characters and a city area for players to explore.

The developer is aiming to release Bound By Blades on the App Store and Google Play at some stage. That isn't likely to be anytime soon, however, given that the Steam listing currently says the game won't release until 2022, we shouldn't expect it anytime soon. 

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