Bound by Blades' latest dev update discusses a new boss, city and online multiplayer

Still no release date for the action RPG, however

Bound by Blades' latest dev update discusses a new boss, city and online multiplayer
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Bound by Blades is an upcoming action RPG that I've been following since I first heard about it back in September 2019, mostly because the art style is so undeniably lovely. Developer Zeth periodically releases updates on the game's progress and the latest discusses online multiplayer, a new city, another boss and more.

You can check out the latest dev diary video in this article where Zeth runs through a rough concept for the game's opening cinematic and shows off the free movement in Bound by Blades' hub town. The dialogue system now features additional animations to give more life to the conversations with NPCs.

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The new castle area, Fangsfate is another hub area for players to explore that will be home to new characters and shops. Here you'll also be able to find a pet who will accompany you throughout your adventure. These creatures will have the ability to heal, provide buffs and deal damage.

We also learned that online multiplayer will allow two players to adventure together and there will also be cross-platform support too. The online component will have client-side controls so you shouldn't have to worry about any kind of latency when playing.

Finally, the video shows another boss called Vaeryth who has a number of attacks to contend with. This includes an area of effect tail swipe alongside the ability to lay traps around the arena to limit your movement to the four corners.

The developer is aiming to release Bound By Blades on the App Store and Google Play at some stage. That isn't likely to be anytime soon, however, given that the Steam listing currently says the game won't release until 2022, we shouldn't expect it for a while yet.

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