Bang, bang, Boom Brigade is back, shooting up iOS and Android

Line-drawing actioneer returns with more tactics

Bang, bang, Boom Brigade is back, shooting up iOS and Android
| Boom Brigade 2

Finnish developer 10tons has been very busy over the past couple of years.

That's the reason it's taken so long to come up with a sequel to its 2009 line-drawing topdown shooter Boom Brigade.

That's all changed, however, with Boom Brigade 2 now marching into battle.

Lock and load

Similar to the original, the game has you defending your base from waves of attacking alien enemies.

The only thing standing between defeat and victory are your troops. You're provided with up to five (depending on the level) and there are five types, ranging from standard grunt to sniper and heavy weapons guy.

Before each level, you get to equip them with a power up, then it's a case of constantly moving them around. They'll automatically target and fire the enemy, but if they're killed, they'll be unavailable until the next level.

Gimme more

One big change to the first game is you have the option to pause the action, giving Boom Brigade 2 more of a tower defence feel, as you can more easily reroute your troops.

There's also more content, with 30 levels, spread across three themed chapters.

Boom Brigade 2 will be released for iOS and Android (possibly also BlackBerry Playbook/BB 10) as a traditional paid release later in June.

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