Boom Beach: Frontlines is ending development with servers shutting down in January 2023

Boom Beach: Frontlines is ending development with servers shutting down in January 2023

Space Ape Games made quite a shocking announcement through a Reddit post recently. It stated they were pulling the plug on Boom Beach: Frontlines. It has been only about a year since the strategic multiplayer action game launched but development has unfortunately already ended. On January 16th, 2023, the game will breathe its last, as the servers will be turned off.

The Boom Beach series has been quite popular and even Frontlines seemed like it was on the same track. It received over a million pre-registrations in just two days and was topping the charts too. The Supercell-owned studio consistently released updates for Frontlines with loads of new content, but it looks like none of this could reach their expectations.

It seems like even introducing brand-new features, redesigning the progression system, and rebalancing the gameplay couldn’t retain players. This led to the difficult decision taken by the Space Ape.

But, the devs were still thankful for the love shown by the community and expressed their gratitude. They said: “We want to thank the community for all the incredible support and passion you have shown to Boom Beach: Frontlines. The ideas, suggestions, and feedback you shared on Discord, Twitter, YouTube and beyond have inspired us and allowed the team to make great improvements to the game. We would also like to thank our content creators who put massive efforts into bringing entertaining and insightful content to the Boom Beach: Frontlines community.”

The wrap-up procedure has already begun as a patch released yesterday disabled all in-app purchases and local notifications. Today, the game will be removed from the App Store and Google Play, with the creator program shutting down too.

Then on December 1st, when Season 14 launches, the Premium Beach Pass will become free, while the Big Beach Pass will cost 500 Gems. They will also feature some unreleased cards like Cryo Sniper, Mega Drill, and Monowheel.

Lastly, players can contact support through the game and get their Gems transferred to another Space Ape Game if they wish.

There’s just a little over a month left to play Boom Beach: Frontlines, so make sure you make the most of it!

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