App Army Assemble: Bomb Chicken - Is this explosive, poultry-based platformer the bomb or a bit fowl?

We ask the App Army

App Army Assemble: Bomb Chicken - Is this explosive, poultry-based platformer the bomb or a bit fowl?

Nitrome's Bomb Chicken originally released on both Steam and Nintendo Switch back in 2018 where it was positively received for the most part. Now it has made its way over to mobile devices so naturally, we needed to find out if it's a good port or not. To find out we sent our App Army in to get creative with bombs.

Here's what they said:

Kevin Jackson

Such a fun game! Easy to learn and hard to put down. The concept is fun and reminds me of the side-scrollers I loved so much in my younger years, but with a nice puzzle-y twist. I heartily recommend this game!

Roman Valerio

Bomb Chicken is one blast of a game. It's been quite a long time since I enjoyed a mobile game as much as this explosive retro platformer. Absolutely loved the mechanic of stacking bombs to get to higher places and pushing them to blow up hard-to-reach bad guys or obstacles. Although the touch controls are fairly responsive, quite often I fell victim to suicide bombing when all I wanted is to move aside instead of accidentally laying a bomb. With that being said, I reckon Bomb Chicken is best to be played using a gamepad.

There is also a story here involving some secret blue sauce and a fast-food giant, which all things considered might very likely bear the name "Los Pollos Hermanos". The pixelated graphics, which is often a major turn-off for me, actually "spices up" the gameplay experience. To put it in an eggshell, the game might get chaotic at times, but it is definitely a lot of fun and might help you make your stay at home, less boring.

Quincy Jones

Bombastic!!! I’m really enjoying this game. The art style and the puzzles are really fun and give just the right amount of challenge. It’s like bomber man with a chicken. The controls while simple did have a few issues when trying to move and caused me to die a few times but otherwise a fun game that has me coming back for more.

Oksana Ryan

This game was so much fun. It gave me a great strategy puzzler with easy controls, beautiful retro graphics and quirky sound effects. The actual platform concept wasn’t that out of the ordinary but the idea of laying bombs to defeat enemies, collect gems and climb objects was. I also liked the idea of being able to aim the bombs sideways.

The more bombs you lay in one go the bigger the boom or the higher you climb, or both. The gameplay had its challenges as I moved forward through the levels which made for interesting playing. Plus, the chickens are really cute.
From the very beginning, I was drawn into the game and it’s definitely one I can recommend.

Jim Linford

Ok, so this game is a platformer/puzzle game with some mild exploration. You play a Chicken who lays bombs (it’s in the title). Your job is to reach the end of the level and take out any baddies. Controls are simple but allow for a lot. You swipe left and right to move and tap to lay bombs which detonate about 2 seconds later. (You’re not immune to them) you can also lay a bomb then push it into enemies. You cannot jump only lay bombs.

Want to reach a ledge? Lay some bombs. Puzzles are the simple hit a switch or time your movements to avoid obstacles. Graphics are fantastic, Nitrome are really nailing that look their games have. The animation is detailed with some great sprites. So far I’m liking this game a lot. The mild exploration part is finding the path to the hidden treasure. Each level has gems when you pick up enough and complete a level you get a chance to add to your characters life.

Mark Abukoff

This is a fun and inventive platformer. Not too difficult (in the early stages anyway) but really lots of fun. Graphics are sharp and look good. Sound is fine, but I turned it off as I generally do unless it’s a necessary part of the gameplay. I like that there’s no jumping and trying to grab onto things... it’s just a matter of dropping bombs and using them to elevate yourself- and get away from the blast area quickly or you’ll be damaged. The controls are simple and problem-free on my iPhone. Overall a fun and different experience that I’ll keep going with. Platformer fans ought to be happy with it.

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Jc Ga

The game is graphically very pretty, fully in the spirit of Nitrome games. It combines very simple commands that work very well, a demanding platform game, and a clever puzzle game. Succeeding in discovering a hidden room, obtaining the treasure surrounded by traps, miraculously escaping a perilous situation are very usual situations, and sources of constant pleasure. For all these reasons the game is a success. But most of all, how charming are the waddles of this adorable heroic, obese chicken!

Rahul Mazumdar

We have come a long way from the early days of the classic Dangerous Dave to the sheer excellence of Mario. But in this competitive world, creating a solid platforming game isn’t good enough. You need to have that “okay, what’s so special about this?” factor if you truly want to stand out. Enters the stage - Bomb Chicken. A charming, quirky and downright bonkers at times platforming game that grabs you right from the start.

But you soon realise that it’s unlike any platformer you’ve played before. Why? Because you’re a chicken! And not just that, you don’t lay eggs. You lay bombs! Yes, that’s right. And that mechanic is the heart and soul of the game. You need to use your bombs in creative ways to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. And the game gets quite hard and challenging as you progress. Levels can take multiple attempts to clear. Especially if you are chasing all the gems.

It’s an innovative platforming game. With all the charm and love that we’ve come to expect from Nitrome. But this game isn’t for everyone, you'll need patience and perseverance to truly enjoy it.

Paul Manchester

I saw this game a while back on another platform and thought it looked interesting. Having played through a chunk now on my phone can say I am not disappointed by it. The controls are simple and fit relatively well on a touch screen, however, I did find counting out bomb presses slightly more difficult without the feedback of real buttons and this did lead to a few untimely deaths. The graphics are nice and cheerful and work well for this type of game. Difficulty wise I found just it right with a steady increase as the levels progressed. Recommended for puzzle/platform gamers who don’t mind the odd bit of frustration.

Dries Pretorius

When you see a premium release by mobile arcade veterans; Nitrome, you know you are in for a blast. The creatively named Bomb Chicken sees you as a madcap Nitroglycerhen on a rampage of wanton destruction, too plump to jump or fly, she lays large round cartoon style bombs in order to get by. How did this abomination come to be? The details are unclear, but sentient and benevolently carnivorous beans who cohabitate with their beloved foodstuff in a giant pyramid-temple chicken factory seem to have summoned the wrath of the ancient gods.

The story is not terribly important, that you have a license to indiscriminately disassimilate with your explosive secretions, is all that matters. You can lay a bomb about once every quarter second, and they have about three seconds on the timer, you can stack bombs to help you up platforms, trap and kill enemies and accidentally perform matricide by proxy of yourself when you don’t move quickly enough.

You can also kick bombs to hit switches, kill at a distance or ‘get that thing away from me’. The game innovates with its manic crayon set, you’ll be consistently and pleasantly surprised at all the creative ways in which level design eggs the question. There is a lives system that restarts you at a checkpoint when you die and restarts you at a farther back checkpoint when you run out of lives.

It is an annoying punishment dynamic, but less awful than those barbaric platformers from the days of yore. I was pleasantly reminded of Earthworm Jim by the art style, the colour pallet and animations are visual candy. If you enjoy platformers I highly recommend Bomb Chicken, if you are a fan of Nitrome, then you need no convincing.

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