Fangs a lot - Square Enix's vampire battler Bloodmasque is out tomorrow

About bloody time

Fangs a lot - Square Enix's vampire battler Bloodmasque is out tomorrow
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The wait is almost over for Square Enix's vampire hunting action-RPG Bloodmasque.

A listing on the New Zealand App Store confirmed that the beefy, 677MB install of Bloodmasque is indeed available in the South Pacific, which means it should make its way to the rest of the world on Thursday.

The large file size for Bloodmasque owes to its Unreal Engine-powered graphics, similar to those seen in Square Enix's Bronze Award-winning rhythm game, Demons' Score.

Also like Demons' Score, Bloodmasque will carry a premium price tag ($7.99 / £5.49) and will feature in-app purchases. Hopefully, it won't follow Demons' Score's controversial pricing model.

Vamp it up

In Bloodmasque, you play as a Blade-esque vampire hunter who's been tasked with slashing, stabbing, and skewering the undead into submission.

Like Infinity Blade, you'll have to learn and predict your opponent's attack patterns if you hope to swipe your way to victory. Unlike Infinity Blade, Bloodmasque is set in a steampunk version of 19th century France and allows you literally put yourself in the game via a front-facing camera.

We went hands-on with Bloodmasque back at E3, and found it to be "graphically top-notch" although the combat was "very Japanese" - which means there are tons of special attacks, score of flying numbers, and everything else JRPG fans enjoy.

Depending on where you live in this wide world of ours, you might be able to pick up Bloodmasque later this evening - but it's a safe bet that it'll be up and waiting for you at sunrise.

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