Bloo Kid 2 is a chipper, wee platformer that's headed to Switch this October

Classic iOS game making its Switch debut

Bloo Kid 2 is a chipper, wee platformer that's headed to Switch this October
| Bloo Kid 2

Word around town today is that Bloo Kid 2, the 2014 hit that we called "an old-school platformer in the truest sense", is going to be ported over to Switch this October. It comes to us thanks to a collaboration between Headup, the team doing the port, and winterworks, the original developer.

If you didn't play it on release, Bloo Kid 2 picks up after the events of the original game which saw the titular hero going on a quest to save his girlfriend, Pink Girl, from a dastardly wizard. Since that traumatic time, they've been enjoying their life together and have since welcomed their child, Pink Kid, into the wonderful, pixelated world.

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Bringing Bloo Kid 2 over to Switch makes perfect sense; it's ideal for short, fun gameplay sessions. The old-school vibe and visuals will likely pop more on the Switch screen that they ever did on mobile, and the move to physical controls can only be a good thing.

Bloo Kid 2 was, and still is, a chipper little thing with personality to spare and plenty of platforming goodness for all ages and types of player to enjoy. It serves up 5 distinct, pixelated worlds to run, jump, and swim your way through, and its cheerful chiptune soundtrack is just lovely.

Mastering the game's varied selection of bosses is probably the biggest challenge you'll face here. Every level (there are over 50) is packed to bursting with paths to explore and well-hidden secrets to uncover. The neat new Switch port also adds magic stars that you can hunt down to unlock 15 tricky bonus levels, making this latest version the definitive way to play.

You can expect to see Bloo Kid 2 make its grand debut on Switch this October. Fans of light-hearted platformers are sure to find much to love in this nice, easy-going game.

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