Blade & Soul Revolution: How to earn XP fast

Here are the best ways to level your character in Blade & Soul Revolution.

Blade & Soul Revolution: How to earn XP fast

Blade & Soul Revolution throws a wealth of content your way with minimal explanation. Its basic systems are all given tutorials – such as crafting, upgrading skills, and windstriding – but it doesn't do the best job at telling you the myriad ways you can level up your character.

Thankfully, regardless of what you're doing, you're probably accruing a bit of XP. With that being said, some activities provide you with much more experience than others. Here are the best ways to power level your character in Blade & Soul Revolution and climb the ranks as fast as possible.

Main Quests

Tackling the Main Questline is more than a great source of experience points. It'll also unlock a majority of the game's other features, as well as progress Blade & Soul Revolution's surprisingly deep narrative. The amount of experience you'll gain varies by quest, but as a beginner, you can climb 20 levels in about an hour.

Once you've fought your way through a portion of the main quest, you'll have unlocked a variety of new ways to level up your character. You'll also have earned plenty of unique rewards – such as powerful gear and weapons – along the way. We'd recommend spending at least the first few hours of your Blade & Soul Revolution career slogging through the story, as it's the best way to quickly level your new character.

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Dungeons offer a small party of four adventures a chance to tackle some mid-tier challenges. These often come with their own set of exclusive rewards – usually in the form of rare weapons – but they also provide you with an incredible source of experience points. In fact, some of the most challenging Dungeons grant over 200,000 XP for a single run.

Once you unlock Heroic Dungeons, that number can skyrocket to over one million experience points per Dungeon. These are challenging takes on original Dungeons, and you'll need to have a well-coordinated party if you're hoping to walk out victorious. If you're ready for a battle, these offer a great way to level up your character.


Think of raids as the larger version of Dungeons. These are best played with a group of 15 other adventurers – and the rewards are much more impressive than their smaller Dungeon counterparts. The Midnight Skypetal Plains Raid will grant you 532,000 experience points upon completion, while the Heroic version ups that to a staggering 3.3 million. If you can find a solid group that knows how to coordinate their attacks, jumping into a few Raids is definitely worth your time.

Daily Dungeons

Although you'll need to first progress through the Main Quest to unlock Daily Dungeons, this is one of the best ways to quickly level up in Blade & Soul Revolution. You can only run each Daily Dungeon a few times per day, but it should be the first thing you do upon logging in. Few other activities grant the same XP boost as these, and it's in your best interest to find a few minutes each day to knock them out.

Daily Dungeons come with multiple stages – the higher the stage, the more experience you'll gain. Be warned, however, that as you climb to new stages you'll be facing off against more challenging opponents. Successfully completing the most difficult Daily Dungeons in the game can reward you with over 450,000 experience points. Best of all, you don't need a group for these – just throw on your best gear and dive into the solo action.

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Offline Auto-Hunt

Using the Offline Auto-Hunt option, Blade & Soul Revolution lets your character grind away while the game is turned off. You'll need several Pet Pods to sustain this for any substantial amount of time, but it's definitely worth the investment.

To use the Auto-Hunt feature, first, make sure you've progressed through the story far enough to unlock it. Then, head to a location that's suitable for your current combat stats. Finally, open the Main Menu and click the Auto-Hunt button. This will kick off the auto-battling mechanic and keep your character grinding while you take a nap.

Upgrade Your Gear

Leveling up your gear and acquiring better weapons won't directly contribute to your level, but it's important to always have the most powerful equipment you can get your hands on. Gaining experience points in Blade & Soul Revolution essentially boils down to slaying enemies – the faster you can do that, the faster you'll accrue experience.

That means it can often be beneficial to check out events or activities that don't reward much XP but instead offer up top-tier weapons. Field Bosses, World Bosses, and Events are all a great source of gear, even if their XP gains leave a bit to be desired.