Blade & Soul Revolution: How to earn silver fast

Prepare for a grind, as the best way to earn silver is to level up.

Blade & Soul Revolution: How to earn silver fast

Earning silver in Blade & Soul Revolution is heavily dependent on your level. While you might be able to grind out a few quests or dungeons at level 30, the best gains don't come along until you're well above level 100. Because of that, the best way to earn money in the game is to level up fast.

Once you're sufficiently leveled, there are a variety of ways to make money. From Raids and Daily Dungeons to AFK farming, here are the best ways to earn silver in Blade & Soul Revolution.

Main Quest And Leveling Up

The simplest way to earn a decent amount of silver in Blade & Soul Revolution is to race through its Main Quest as fast as possible. Each mission you complete will grant you thousands of Silver coins – and the rewards only get better the further along you go.

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Questing also helps you level up surprisingly fast – which is the main key to getting rich. Most of the best paying content is locked until you reach certain parts in the Main Quest or hit a specific level threshold. In short, playing the game for an hour as a level 30 character will be far less profitable than playing for 15 minutes at level 100.

Daily Dungeons

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Although you can only tackle these a few times per day, it's definitely one of the first things you should do when logging in. Not only are they a great source of experience, but reach Stage 20 of the easiest Daily Dungeon and you'll be granted a massive 44,000 silver.

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These stages should only take a few minutes to complete, making it an easy source of over 100,000 silver every day. Best of all, that number will skyrocket as you unlock more challenging Daily Dungeons and face more difficult bosses.


Forget about normal Dungeons – Heroic Dungeons are where you'll find the best loot. Manage to complete the Blackram South Fleet Dungeon and you'll earn 250,000 silver. This is recommended for players level 200 and above, so get to grinding and come back when you're ready.

If you have a reliable party of three other players, Dungeons might be the best way to earn silver in all of Blade & Soul Revolution. Not only do they provide you loads of money, but you'll also earn tons of experience in the process – the aforementioned Blackram South Fleet Dungeon grants you an additional 360,000 experience on top of the 250,000 silver.


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Although you'll earn 714,000 silver from the lowest level Raid (Midnight Skypetal Plains), you'll also need to be level 240 to stand any chance of making it out alive. You'll also need to coordinate with 15 other players, as Raids provide Blade & Soul Revolution with some of its most challenging end-game content.

Raids also last longer than your typical Dungeon or Daily Dungeon, so the massive haul of silver is offset by the extra time needed to complete a single run. Still, you'll be handsomely rewarded with silver, experience, and exclusive gear for taking part in the mayhem.

How to earn silver through Farming?

Believe it or not, many players prefer to grind mobs to earn silver. If you're a high enough level, this is a great AFK method – just turn on Auto-Battle and let the game do the work for you. You'll earn a bit of silver and experience from most kills, but you'll also earn valuable drops that can be sold to nearby merchants for even more cash.

We'd recommend not wasting too much time farming mobs when at a low level, as the payoff simply isn't worth it. You're better off working through the Main Quest, which has a much better return rate. But as you inch towards those higher levels and face off against stronger mobs, the boring grind will slowly become more profitable.