Blacken Slash is a minimalistic, turn-based roguelike, coming soon on Android and iOS

Blacken Slash is a minimalistic, turn-based roguelike, coming soon on Android and iOS
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Blacken Slash is an upcoming mobile game that has elements from multiple genres like strategy, hack and slash, roguelike, and more. It has been created by Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser, known for working on the popular tower defence game Core Defence. Currently, Blacken Slash’s demo version is available on Android and iOS, which will be followed by an Early Access launch on itch.io, and the game will officially hit virtual shelves by 22nd July.

Simply put, Blacken Slash is a minimalistic and unexpected fusion of genres. It promises tactical turn-based combat with heaps of loot to collect by hacking and slashing, while also bumping up the difficulty with its perma-death and roguelike mechanisms. It has taken the best aspects from each genre to create a game that will offer endless hours of fun with lots of replayability.

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Blacken Slash’s minimalist nature makes it a simple game to learn, but the difficulty comes in mastering it. The basic premise can be summarised in four words – Fight, Loot, Die, and Repeat. Over multiple runs, players must fight everything that comes their way, loot to gather gear and upgrade what they already have, die fighting a hard enemy, and repeat it all over again with better items. Levels are also short so players won’t get frustrated spending hours to reach a stage and then dying and losing all progress. With the abundance of items available, there is a lot of room for strategizing and creating new ways to tackle a problem.

Additionally, Blacken Slash will feature numerous tough achievements that players can try to earn. For the competitive people out there, there is also a weekly online leaderboard to see your standings. With a large variety of playstyles and builds to choose from, Blacken Slash is going to be a challenge for everyone.

Pre-register for Blacken Slash on the App Store and Google Play for a premium of $4.99. The game officially releases on 22nd July.

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