BIGBIG WON launches mobile-compatible Gale Wireless Controller

Another day, another new wireless controller for mobile.

BIGBIG WON launches mobile-compatible Gale Wireless Controller
  • BIGBIG WON is the latest company to announce a mobile-compatible wireless controller
  • Laid out in a familiar way to console players, it boasts Bluetooth and USB-C connectivity
  • But is it going to stand out in an increasingly packed market?

BIGBIG WON is the latest company to throw their hat into the ring with the announcement of a mobile-compatible gamepad with the Gale Wireless Controller. The company, which specialises in a wide range of controllers, adapters and electronic accessories, announced the device - which is iOS and Android compatible - will go on sale for an RRP of $39.99, including a slightly higher price of $49.99 when bundled with a charging dock.

As you can see from the promotional images, the Gale also boasts a pretty standard layout familiar to many console players and gamepad enthusiasts. But the addition of Bluetooth and USB-C options for connectivity is sure to pique the interest of players interested in different options, not to mention gyro-controls, vibration and more. The device also features the pretty much standard app for controlling and adjusting everything from joystick to trigger and button controls on the fly.

Standing out for mobile?

But, we'd be lying if we didn't note that it seems the Gale is primarily aimed towards PC and console players. Mobile still remains low on games which take full advantage of controller features, and for many of them, the need for a full layout isn't particularly high, especially with more and more companies throwing their hat into the ring and offering mobile compatibility as standard with wireless controllers.

Still, after so many years where peripherals were scarce, it is encouraging to see it becoming more commonplace than not. And with services like Netflix Games increasingly bringing console and PC-first titles to mobile which can be a little difficult to experience the best of with just touch-screen controls, maybe it really is the future?

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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