I-play snaps up I-Win puzzle game

Praise be to Cod, Big Kahuna Reef deserves a plaice on your handset

I-play snaps up I-Win puzzle game
| Big Kahuna Reef

Casual games are all the rage in mobile. But why are they called 'casual'? Probably because they're so accessible, even your granny can play them while wearing her moth-eaten velour tracksuit. Er, probably. It's surely something to do with leisurewear.

But enough about that. I-play has already been making a name for itself with casual games like Skipping Stone and Jewel Quest, and a new deal with web developer iWin – the firm which invented the latter – will keep that flow coming.

I-play has snapped up three of iWin's newer titles, which we'll be flagging up throughout the week.

To start with, keep your periscope raised for Big Kahuna Reef, an underwater adventure themed game featuring sea turtles and the dreaded skeleton fish of Kamehameha. The game itself is a classic shape-matching title, but with extra fish. Marvellous.

Big Kahuna Reef will be out later this year for mobile. Click on the 'Track It!' button above to ensure our review doesn't skate by.