Big Kahuna Reef dives onto mobile

I-play and iWin put the is in Hawaiian

Big Kahuna Reef dives onto mobile
| Big Kahuna Reef

Lovers of aquatic wildlife, floral shirts and casual game fans can share a celebratory high five today with the launch of Big Kahuna Reef (Hawaii Quest) from I-play.

Following on from its previous web game conversions such as Jewel Quest, Inca Quest and Mah Jong Quest, the underwater themed tile-swapping game Big Kahuna Reef has already earned its spurs with a sizeable online community, and now it's setting its sights upon the billion-odd mobile players too.

The game sets you on an underwater quest for the mysterious Mask of the Tiki, and challenges you to swap aquatically-themed tiles in order to form identical lines of three or more that then disappear (ironically reflecting the demise of our diverse aquatic environment in the real world – Morose Environmental Ed).

The controls are simple (it's another of those one-button jobbies) but you can expect more than a few surprises to emerge along the way, such as encounters with sea turtles, tropical fish and the dreaded Skeleton Fish of Kamehameha.

Big Kahuna Reef is setting sail for mobile operators this very minute, and our intrepid reviewer is slipping on his scuba mask in preparation.