How to build it up: Big Business HD hints, tips, and tricks

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How to build it up: Big Business HD hints, tips, and tricks
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Airport City and The Tribez developer Game Insight has released another freemium iOS and Android title called Big Business HD, in which you're tasked with building and maintaining your very own bustling city.

You've got to fill it with residential buildings, factories, and maybe a few decorations; grow crops and sell them for profit; and even put out fires.

Basically, you're going to be busy, which is why we've put together this little guide. We hope it helps.

The basics

There are three different forms of currency in Big Business HD: Coins, which you'll earn in abundance as you play; City Credits, which are a lot more scarce; and Rubies (more on those below).

In Big Business HD, you are awarded City Credits when you level-up and unlock certain achievements. You can also nab them through in-app purchases, mind. The cheapest available pack of Credits will set you back £1.49 / $1.99, and the dearest will cost you £69.99 / $99.99.

With Coins, you can buy new buildings, factories, attractions, and decorations. With City Credits, on the other hand, you can buy exclusive buildings and Rubies, and you can instantly complete construction jobs and other tasks.

There's also experience points (XP) to think about. You earn XP as you erect buildings, rescue your citizens from disasters, and collect revenue from your residential structures. As you collect XP, you level-up, and gain access to new buildings and items.

The rest

If you take a gander at the top right of your device's screen, you'll see your electricity meter. All buildings in Big Business HD require electricity, so it's important that you don't run out of juice. If you do, you won't be able to construct additional buildings.

You can increase your city's electricity output by filling it with windmills and power plants. We suggest you build at least a couple straight off the bat in order to future-proof yourself for a while.

The final two resources to keep your eye on are population and happiness. Happiness dictates whether or not you can increase population. Entertainment facilities, such as bakeries and skate parks, will boost your city's happiness.

Population is important because citizens are needed to operate your factories and other business-related establishments. Houses increase your population at varying intervals, so you'll want to invest in a handful early on.

Forever building bubbles

There are many types of buildings in Big Business HD, and they all have a different effect on your city. It's important, therefore, that you know what each one does.

Residential buildings like houses, villas, and estates, obviously play home to your many citizens. As we said, building houses allows you to increase your population, and earn revenue at varying intervals.

Industrial buildings, on the other hand, such as mills and factories, are your main source of income, so you'll want to pack your town with as many of them as you possibly can.

Next, there are entertainment facilities, which increase the happiness of your citizens; service buildings, which provide your city with electricity; and decorations, which - along with your cafés and boutiques - boost your happiness rating.

The most important construction in your ever-growing arsenal, however, is your administrative building, which dictates the number of structures that you can have erected in your town at once. You'll need to increase the level of this building over time if you don't want to be stuck taking care of a small village for eternity.

A friendly sort of place

Big Business HD allows you to bring your friends along for the ride. Why would you want to do that? Well, your buddies can visit your city, assist you in the completion of jobs, and send you various gifts. That's why.

If you tap the 'Friends' icon in the bottom right of your screen, you can broadcast your nickname to both Facebook and Twitter.

Other things to remember

Your vehicles, which transport goods from your farms and other production buildings to your warehouse, can only travel on roads. Basically, ensure your buildings are all linked by tarmac.

Different vehicles transport different goods, so don't waste your time growing produce that you know you can't transport.

Upgrade your buildings to increase their XP payouts and unlock new produce.

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