DS Big Bang Mini competition winners announced

The ship was spotted

DS Big Bang Mini competition winners announced
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A couple of weeks ago we offered you the chance to win a DS and three copies of Big Bang Mini - one for the winner and two for the runners up. All you had to do to win was identify where the ship belongs in the screenshot next to these words.

It was essentially a game of chance, and we were expecting to spend long hours with compasses and ruler trying to determine exactly which stab in the dark landed closest to the erased ship.

In the end, choosing the winner was easier than we expected, and the distance separating the winner from the loser was far smaller. Let’s see which lucky entrants managed to get the closest by - let’s be honest - having the presence of mind to find the unedited screenshot somewhere else online.

The winner is Robin Cavill, who managed to encircle the ship in a loop of more or less the right diameter and location. Congratulations to Robin – a DS and a copy of Big Bang Mini are on their way.

The first runner up is Peter Burnside. As you can see, Peter used quite a large circle, unfairly increasing his odds, but at least every part of the ship is inside the line. Well done.

The second runner up is Alex Brittain, who used a good size of circle and managed to snag more than half the ship, but just didn’t quite manage to copy the screenshot he found online quite as well as either Peter or Robin.

Special mention - but no prize - goes to Emma Myhill, who went to the trouble of sending in the original unedited screenshot along with her entry to let us know that she had been clever enough to find it, but managed to miss the ship by a country mile nonetheless.

Thanks to Southpeak Games for generously supplying the prizes.

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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