Creating DS pyrotechnics with Big Bang Mini

Remember to light at arm's length

Creating DS pyrotechnics with Big Bang Mini
| Big Bang Mini

Everyone loves fireworks – whether the increasingly expensive displays which now seem to end every public event or the metaphorically romantic ones that punctuate our lives – and even game makers are getting in on the act.

The latest developer to step up to the blue touch paper is innovative French studio Arkedo, which previously created the varied and generally lovely DS Breakout clone Nervous Brickdown.

Now it's moved onto a more contemporary theme (dare we suggest Every Extend Extra on PSP as an inspiration?) bringing the concept of chaining together firework explosions to take out enemies in the DS (and Wii) game Big Bang Mini. (Those with longer memory may even recall the sort-of-similar – and excellent – PlayStation 2 launch title, FantaVision).

But enough of inspiration. If nothing else Nervous Brickdown proved Arkedo is entirely capable of reinventing gaming traditions in a new way, and for that reason alone we're keen to see what the Paris-based studio comes up with.

The main gameplay seems to evolve around using your stylus to create fireworks in order to deal with waves of enemies. If you miss, you'll have to avoid the falling sparks created by your missed explosions, which would seem to bring to mind the original arcade game Space Invaders: something that's reinforced by the end of level bosses where you have to make a 'Final Bouquet' – a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will proclaim your victory.

And with over 90 levels to complete, Arkedo reckons Big Bang Mini will offer you plenty of explosive scope.

"I've yet to find anyone who doesn't love fireworks," commented Camille Guermonprez, Arkedo's MD, who we're assuming spent much of her childhood blowing up little plastic soldiers with bangers.

"With Big Bang Mini, we're trying to combine the thrill of an intense action shooter with the beauty of a grand fireworks display. If there's anything players won't like about the game, it will be that they're too involved in striking and dodging to appreciate the light show they're creating."

Big Bang Mini is due to be released by US outfit SouthPeak Interactive sometime during the autumn.

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