BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG now available on iPhone and iPad

The game was already available on Android

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG now available on iPhone and iPad
  • After a successful Android launch, BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG is now available for iOS
  • Explore a wuxia-inspired Chinese fantasy world in this new idle roleplaying game
  • The release comes at the same time as the game's 4th season

Loongcheer Games' BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG is now available to play on iOS. Already available on Android the game, which bills itself as a Wuxia-inspired exploration of a Chinese fantasy world, is now available on Apple devices after a succesful launch for Google Play.

Better yet, this release comes at the same time as the game's season 4 launch, which introduces five new maps for treasure hunt, new mechanics for cultivation called 'enlightening' that lets warriors of the same star group share their stats and the addition of brand new, even harder stages to the various dungeons on offer.

Cultivating what exactly?

Now it might be a bit confusing for some of you...what's Wuxia? And what's a cultivation? Well, as it were, Wuxia is basically classic Chinese 'sword fantasy', and it's easy to think of it as basically like epic arthurian tales but set in The East instead of The West. Cultivation is a sort of philosophical idea, but it mostly pertains to the idea of building yourself up from nothing into an extremely powerful warrior, irrespective of origin. And with both numerous systems encouraging that, PVP and PVE among other huge features, BeyondWarrior is a pretty beefy release.

So it's not surprising that themes like that translate well into a hardcore mobile-RPG experience. But is BeyondWarrior going to measure up? Well that depends on whether or not it resonates with iOS players as it has with Android players...

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