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Battleborn Tap is out now and unlocks extra content in main game

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Battleborn Tap is out now and unlocks extra content in main game
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2K's latest blockbuster shooter Battleborn (don't call me Borderlands) hits shelves today. To coincide with that, a tie-in app which unlocks extras in the main game has also released.
Battleborn Tap is a free app which turns your fingers into laser beams and lets you command a squad of Battleborn warriors against waves of minions and bosses.

As you progress you collect gold shards which enable you to add new heroes, unlock new areas, level up the abilities of your Battleborn, and customise individual talent trees.

You can even find and equip better gear to boost your stats and earn in-game achievements. This - in turn - helps you to gain exclusive rewards in the main game provided you have a SHIFT account.

It all plays pretty well and supports multi-touch which makes it much easier to whizz through.

It's definitely worth a free download, especially if you're picking up the main game. You can grab Battleborn Tap on iOS and Android right now.

You can also watch the launch trailer to get a little flavour of all the tap-fuelled fanfare.

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