Killed by piracy, Battle Dungeon rises again in single-player form

Phoenix down (but not out)

Killed by piracy, Battle Dungeon rises again in single-player form

Beleaguered strategy game Battle Dungeon, which had to be shut down a week after release when Hunted Cow's servers were overloaded by pirated copies, is set to return to iOS.

Battle Dungeon was originally intended as an asynchronous multiplayer title with a single-player component. In essence, it offered turn-based combat with an RPG flavour.

Within a week of launch at the tail end of last year, though, Hunted Cow reported that its servers were falling over under the demand.

Instead of toasting its success, the dev team was, unfortunately, faced with tackling a wave of illegitimate users creating "high levels of server load" through pirated copies of the game.

As a result, the Battle Dungeon servers were shut down. This not only killed the multiplayer functionality, but, as the enemy AI lived on the server, also spelt the end for the single-player campaign.

Thankfully, that is not the end of the story. Rather than just lick its wounds and give up, the Battle Dungeon team has been grafting in the shadows to resurrect the game as a single-player-only affair.

Now called Battle Dungeon: Risen, this newly tweaked adventure will feature a complete solo campaign, with new maps, new enemies, and some snazzy new lighting effects (see image below).

Left: Battle Dungeon. Right: Battle Dungeon: Risen

Hunted Cow will sell the revamped game, which should go live on the App Store towards the end of March, at a lower price point than the original version (£1.49 / $1.99, as opposed to £2.99 / $4.99). Battle Dungeon: Risen won't contain any in-app purchases, by the way.

We're pleased to see Battle Dungeon's rebirth, and look forward to putting Battle Dungeon: Risen through its paces when it debuts next month.

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