Out-Smaug Clash of Clans with the more social, more sparring Battle Dragons

Burning up Android and iOS this August

Out-Smaug Clash of Clans with the more social, more sparring Battle Dragons
| Battle Dragons

Good news for Android owners in Canada and Australia.

The latest game from Spacetime Studios - the folks behind Pocket Legends and other mobile MMOGs - has launched, just for you.

Well, sort of...

Canada and Australia are the countries for the soft launch of Battle Dragons, with the rest of world expected to get its slice of flying lizard action in late July for Android and early August for iOS.


As you can see from the video at the bottom of the page, Battle Dragons draws its inspiration from city-building and attacking strategy games like Clash of Clans and Backyard Monsters.

But because of Spacetime's experience in developing and running MMOGs, it's added some significant new features into the mix.

Of course, the core is your base and your dragon army. You have to collect resources, fortify your base, unlock new dragon types and form strategic alliances, or dragon tribes, with other players etc etc.

But hooking into social networks - your tribe members or Facebook friends can help out - you get to reduce each others' build times and boost resource collection.

Once more with feeling

Another neat touch is the sandbox Spar mode.

This lets you attack your own base to experiment with units, formations and techniques, while also improving your own defences.

Future versions of the game will enable you to spar with your friends, again without gameplay penalty.

"Battle Dragons takes everything that combat strategy players love and then adds new layers of social gameplay," comments Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis.

"Our new Spar game mode will provide a deeper play experience than ever before by allowing tribe mates to team up to sharpen their battle skills. Our goal is to take mobile strategy gaming to a whole new level."

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